For those in NI there are big changes to the road tax coming in for new vans, there is various information about it on the internet, here is a quote “

Hi all, just thought I would let you all see the new tax rules for new motorhomes! 

Its going to be implemented from the 1st of September. Any new motorhome registered will cost £2135 instead of £265 for its VED. Its an increase of 705%. 
For years motorhomes have got away with changes to VED by not putting emissions on the COC. Now they have to. 
So now: 
1st year – £2135 
2nd year – £465 

In total over 6 years it will cost £4460 instead of normally costing £1590 so it will leave an increase of £2870. 

So I think current 2019 stock will become quite sought after! 

Simon “

Motorhomecraic have some interesting debate here:

Here is a PDF of the proposed changes:

There is also a petition against the changes here: