GB sticker not required for Northern Ireland drivers after Brexit in Republic

There will be no penalty for drivers from Northern Ireland who do not display GB stickers while driving in the Republic in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Irish Minister for Transport Shane Ross confirmed it is not an offence not to display the sticker in response to a question from Sinn Fein TD Jonathan O’Brien.

Discussions over the display of a GB identification sticker arose when it was noticed that a UK government website had advised drivers to display this sticker while driving in the EU after Brexit.

“There is no offence of not having a sticker of this kind in Irish road traffic legislation,” said Ross in a written statement replying to a query from transport spokesperson Jonathan O’Brien, according to

“While I need hardly point out that a person is unlikely to be made liable for vehicle tax simply as a result of not having an international sticker, this is essentially a matter for Revenue.  I understand that there is likewise no offence of not having a sticker in UK law.”

Mr Ross said national identification stickers are prescribed under international road traffic conventions which apply between Ireland and the UK.

The sticker is used to identify a vehicle as visiting rather than based in the jurisdiction for tax purposes.

Mr Ross also confirmed that Northern Ireland drivers would be able to drive in the Republic if a no-deal Brexit takes place. 

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