This is not a political post.

So here we are on the 28/08/2019 none the wiser how brexit will affect us Motorhome, Campervan or RV owners living in and touring Ireland. It seems like we have been listening to the same nonsense a lifetime. No matter what you voted (those in NI) or what you think the outcome should be there will be only one outcome for us, we will lose out. The governments will get richer and working Joe will be worse off.

If I hear another theory on green cards I think I’ll vomit. People everywhere have an opinion on the outcome and how it will affect us, people everywhere have an opinion on what the outcome will be, further still people are praying for different outcomes.

Farmers on the border are being told different things, and they are being visted by officials and being told this and that.

Our insurance companies seem to be making it up as they go along.

In Westminster, bumbling Borris reckons he is taking us out and stuff the outcome. Easy for him to say sitting in his London office not living in the real world.

Whats the point of this post if it is not a political statement? this post is to say one thing; divisions in Ireland North and South are being created by a minority, from where I (Ally) stand, dangerous times are ahead. Violence is rearing it’s ugly head once more, guns are back on the streets. This can do no one any good. Motorhome owners have been enjoying the whole island of Ireland for quite some time now, this is threatened by some. A hard border is an awful outcome, yet a United Ireland is an awful outcome for others.

As a Motorhomer some think I shouldnt be commenting on Brexit to other Motorhomers and I suppose I haven’t, I have just been typing what we already know, it is going to affect us all in one way or another. I am not a religious person but I really really hope that we can continue to tour and enjoy Motorhoming around Ireland, North South East or West without any restrictions. I hope tourists still flock to our Island, a border and a return to violence will end that swiftly.

Lets be a collective voice in hoping for the best.