Pamela and Johnny’s Motorhome Journeys

Pamel and Johnny video their Motorhome journeys and have created some great Vlogs, they are on Facebook and I cant seem to find them anywhere else. I think they are missing a big trick here with just using Facebook as if you are not a Facebook user then you won’t find them unfortunately.

For those who are on Facebook, give them a look here, some great video’s await you! Pamela and Johnny’s Motorhome Journeys

It turns out they are on Youtube, so subscribe to their youtube channel to never miss a Vlog: Pamela and Johnny’s Motorhome Journeys


  1. Hello

    Thank you for the lovely post. We are on YouTube but didn’t do well on it, iv only 35 followers. Lol
    I can’t find my URL to post it here. But if you type in the name of our Facebook page it should come up on YouTube,

    1. Author

      Hi Pamela, I’ll take a look, just about to head to Stendhal Festival so it’ll be early next week, have a great weekend. Ally

    1. Author

      Your youtube link added to your post.

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