Sent in by Chris Byrne from The Camping Crew. Interesting article in the Tramore Tattle promoting Campervan inclusivity in Tramore. Tramore has just had a few Motorhome designated bays installed and it’s looking good for more going by the article.


  1. This article is from the Tramore Tattle section of the weekly Waterford News and Star newspaper.

    It would be great if the local council followed Dymphna’s advice and put in a serviced Aire in Tramore. It’s a great location and very popular.

    1. Author

      There is one already there? albeit only 5 bays (without checking). A service point would certainly help.

  2. why can thy not have 5or6 places at the top of the prom for people who cant walk very far. all along the prom you can not park a camper even it fits in one of the spaces. was in tramore two weeks ago saw two camper with parking tickets
    loads of room all other vehicle of all kind and parked all kind of ways.. if it can be don in lathinch in clare thy put in 5 places as you go into the prom and not down at the bottem of the place

  3. Just heard at the weekend that the guy who bought the carpark/old dump is going to put in designated campervan parking. At the moment he charges €2/day for carparking, so it would make financial sense and would benefit everyone.

    1. Author

      Lets hope so.

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